Have you ever wanted to calculate how much you will make weekly after taxes are taken out of each PayCheck?  I know that I did, and that’s why I made this script. The calculation is pretty simple, so the script is as well.

How can a script like this be useful?

  • One can get a quick estimate of what they will make at a company.
  • Generate quotes with the tax rate that’s added on too your hourly rate, so you make your desired amount.
  • Parse the potential salary of jobs sent too an email, so no time is wasted looking at jobs that don’t have a desired pay.

Of course doing any of these things will require adding too the script.

// total-hours = 40 hours a week
// tax-rate = 16.5% 
// hourly-rate = 11.50;

// formula to calculate weekly pay
// total-hours * hourly-rate = weekly-pay
// weekly-pay * (tax-rate/100) = total-deducted
// weekly-pay - total-deducted = total-weekly-pay

$calculationInputs = array(
'total-hours' => 40, 
'tax-rate' => 16.5 / 100, 
'hourly-rate' => 11.50

// //the weekly pay before taxes. 
$calculationsResults = array('weekly-pay' => $calculationInputs['total-hours'] * $calculationInputs['hourly-rate'] );

// amount of taxes that will be deducted each week. 
$calculationsResults['total-deducted'] = $calculationInputs['tax-rate'] * $calculationsResults['weekly-pay'];

//total pay
$calculationsResults['total-weekly-pay'] = $calculationsResults['weekly-pay'] - $calculationsResults['total-deducted'];

//see the results