If Google Maps is displaying “For development purposes only” on your website, then follow these steps to fix the problem. The reason this error is being displayed is the API key that’s being provided does not have proper billing details set up to use as many resources as your site uses. So Google’s API will embed this text/watermark on the map. For anyone that wants to confirm it’s the issue, then open up your Dev Console tools, and you should see the following error. 

google maps console error

For anyone unsure how to open up your dev console tools, you can use the following commands. Command+Option+C (Mac) or Control+Shift+C (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS), and then click on the console tab. Then, refresh your browser once if you do not anything appear here.

How to fix this problem, Start off by Setting up a Google Dev Account.

I recommend that you use the webmaster’s account that is used for your website’s Google Analytics if you have one. Doing this type of thing just makes everything a little easier to manage.  Then log into the Google Dev Account, and please navigate to this URL.

  1. Press the Get Started button.
  2. Once that button is pressed you should get a prompt that lets you select the features of the Google Maps API that your site needs for the Google map to work properly.
  3. Unless you know which features you need, I would check all three of the checkboxes. Then proceed to the next step and give your project a name.

Once you have done the steps above it will ask you to enter billing info. Make sure you enter your details correctly otherwise this will not work. Please only do this after reading and fully understanding the pricing structure of Google maps API usage

When done filling out your billing info, you may go right too a new prompt that shows the your new API key, which you will want to copy to your clipboard, so you can add it to your website.

For all plugins, the process of where to input this is a little different. If you cannot find the info please take a look at your plugins Documentation or Reach out to me and I will assist. 

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