launch date: Mon, May 13, 2019


Project Type: Personal Project

This project is a WordPress plugin that I created to help the Admins of WordPress websites easily create an FAQ page on their websites. A Lot of skills were used when creating this WordPress plugin. Some of the skills used for this project are CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript.

Goals of this Project.

Design and Develop a nice looking FAQ front page that will integrate into any WordPress theme. Why? Open Source plugins usually focus on a design that is very simple, so they integrate nicely within themes.

  • Design and develop a backend options page.
  • Change the page slug from the options page.
  • Control the Page title from the options page.
  • Being able to Enable or disable the accordion on the FAQ page. When disabled and when a user clicks on an FAQ link it’s important that the link directs the user to the single FAQ page for the FAQ they clicked on.

Those are just a few of the things that I created with the initial plugin, I will be adding more features soon.

Skills Used